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You Are Cordially Invited: The Halloween Creation

There are two schools of thought when you’re on to something good. One is that you should protect the knowledge; keep it to yourself. Don’t share the secrets out of fear that someone else will copy you, or worse yet, improve on your idea! While this is a useful strategy in some areas (like for the guy who accidentally discovered the magic formula for the quasi-tacky-glue-like stuff on the backs of sticky notes – not a chance he would share that formula until it was well-protected by multiple patents and he became a multi millionaire! Completely understandable.), it’s not always the best course of action, though.

Then there’s the other way of thinking – if you find something, discover something, create something that is truly awe-inspiring, share it with everyone who might be even remotely interested. Then it will spread like wildfire (while I will withhold my own personal views of Julian Assange, I believe he is the master of this way of thinking).

In the case of the creation of my sister’s Halloween, I subscribe to the latter thought process. So consider this an official invitation to you to witness the unfolding of something great. No secrets. No hiding the golden egg. No masking the flaws or mistakes. And no glossing over the frustrations along the way. This is a process – one of trial and error; success and failure (hopefully with a heavy emphasis on the success part!). I welcome all of your input and suggestions (and, yes, even improvements). Let’s all create something great this Halloween and share it with anyone and everyone who will enjoy the process, the creation, and the final product. Three cheers for Catherine and all of her work, effort, creativity, endless devotion, patience (well… we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that one!), and most of all her enthusiasm and positive attitude! It’s going to be a fun and exciting (albeit trying at times) 10 months. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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