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Send in the Clowns…. Halloween Style.

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I have very few childhood memories. I don’t know why that’s the case, particularly because I had a great childhood – two parents who loved me, nice house, good schools, tons of sports, great family. So there’s really no good explanation for why I don’t remember much of it.

One clear memory I do have, though, is spending countless hours on the piano bench learning to play the iconic Send in the Clowns. Of course, back when I was 14 I had no appreciation for the true meaning of the song – I simply thought it was a sweet and beautiful ballad about a girl waiting for the piece de resistance of a circus. I had no idea the song was actually dark, distant, and haunting.

Apparently, my sister’s take on clowns is much closer to the somber and ominous nature Sondheim intended when he wrote that song. (No doubt she spent more hours over those ivory keys than I did!) And while we both now know the song actually has absolutely nothing to do with clowns, our childhood impressions still manage to permeate into things we do today.

My impression…? Clowns are sweet and innocent and bring joy and happiness to young children.

Catherine’s? Clowns are creepy, scary, dark, and will fill people with terror and nightmares. Which of course translates to Halloween! The research has begun. creepy-clown-monster-faceThe design has taken shape. And the images are beginning to fill her “ideas” notebook.

So while our childhood memories have formed our individual views of clowns, I’m guessing Catherine’s perspective will have a lasting impression on everyone who is brave enough to make it through the “circus tent” at Halloween 2013! I’d love to hear which camp you’re in…. cute? or creepy?


Don’t you love farce? 
My fault, I fear. 
I thought that you’d want what I want… 
Sorry, my dear! 
And where are the clowns 
Send in the clowns 
Don’t bother, they’re here.  – Stephen Sondheim

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