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No pressure! Yeah… right….

I’ve never known anyone who puts more pressure on herself than my sister. Catherine is a perfectionist – a trait she comes by honestly… she inherited it from our dad. So those of us who love her would never knowingly put additional pressure on her.

As you know, the Christmas party was a huge success. The 150+ guests were in awe of the magnitude of lights strung up the 40 foot palm trees, the full sized sleigh (that Catherine and my dad rebuilt from the ground up – built to perfection, of course) being pulled by the life-size wooden reindeer (complete with red nose aglow), the thousands of feet of perfectly adorned garland, the picture-perfect angelic dolls that brought the winter scenes to life… Some guests were speechless; some talked non-stop as they pointed out each and every Christmas tree (I think there were 43 trees throughout the house!), wreath, snow scene, and all the lighted centerpieces.

Obviously, people were impressed. Beyond impressed. As we all gave tours of the house, I began to notice that we all (my husband, Catherine’s husband, my mom, Catherine’s in-laws, and anyone else giving tours) were saying various iterations of the same thing…. “If you think this is awesome, just wait till you see what she does for Halloween!” And we all did this without recognizing the enormous pressure we were putting on her. Oops…

No pressure… no pressure at all.

So, while I feel terribly guilty about putting additional pressure on Catherine – even above and beyond the pressure she puts on herself, I can sleep well at night knowing one thing for certain… She will not only live up everyone’s expectations, she will exceed them. (is that more pressure???)

On an unrelated note, I’d like to wish Catherine and Rich a very happy anniversary! Twenty two years!! They are truly the best couple I know…. a fantastic example to everyone. Here’s to 22+ more years of love, laughter, ¬†devotion,¬†commitment, fun, and happiness. Cheers!¬†

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