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It’s 5:00 Somewhere… soon.

Werewolves, witches, and even writers need a vacation. It seems as though the only way my sister, her husband, my husband and I ever get a true break from our hectic and crazy lives is to get away. Really get away. So the four of us are packing our bags and getting out of dodge. We’re leaving for a much-needed, week-long cruise where we’ll all be treated to fabulous food, endless views of the Caribbean from our balconies, fantastic on-board entertainment, warm weather, and – most importantly – rest and relaxation.

While there will be lots of reading, snorkeling on excursions, river tubing, and exercise, I imagine there will also be a fair amount of Halloween planning, writing, and even a small amount of work. No matter how far away or how isolated we get, those aspects of our life follow us everywhere. It’s what makes life interesting, fun, and challenging for all of us. We wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Life is good!!

But when I think of our trip that commences less than 48 hours, as we’re planning our wardrobe, swimsuits (Catherine swears she won’t let hers see the light of day… we’ll see about that!), and leisure reading material, the predominant thing running through my mind is that Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett song… So here’s to some margaritas, pina coladas, rum and Cokes, and who knows what else! 5:00… here we come!

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