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The Wheel of Death… My Sister’s Over-the-Top Halloween

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You’d think I would know by now…. any time Catherine buys plywood (lots of plywood), something interesting is right around the corner. But even I had no idea what was coming this time. Impalement arts? Really??

Let me explain – Catherine has decided to include an old, dysfunctional, broken down circus as a “side show” at the Macabre Inn. And she has all kinds of crazy ideas to create under the clown tent. While I’ve heard many different (and often crazy) ideas batted around, I was shocked when I came home to find this in my sister’s garage (although I’m thinking her husband was even more surprised than I was!)knife lady final

Catherine had spent all day with the circular saw, cutting out the perfect “Wheel of Death.” Apparently impalement arts has been around for centuries, and was made popular in the United States by the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the late 19th century. And believe it or not some guy named “The Great Throwdini” tried to bring it back in 2010 in New York. (I’m not really sure how that one worked out… And, no, I didn’t make up that guy’s name!) The purpose of the “sport” is to show off the knife-thrower-performer’s skills. To showcase his nerves of steel and his accuracy, his assistant is strapped to the spinning bulls eye, then he throws the knives in rapid succession. If he’s good, he misses impaling the assistant by just fractions of an inch. If he’s not so good, he ends up at the Macabre Inn

As I mentioned, this all started with plywood. Here’s the frame she created. It actually has a wheel on the back that allows the thing to spin (just like the “real” wheel of death).wheelwheel 2

Finally, she had to build the “assistant”, paint the bulls eye, then strap her to the target.knife ladylady

Now, the assistant is all ready for the performer to show off those skills! (I think you saw how that turned out for her in the first picture. Yes, there’s even one through her mouth…)

Catherine’s brain fascinates me. For SO many reasons! 🙂

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