About this blog

Capturing the fun, excitement, creativity, energy, and even the stress of how my sister creates her Halloween spectacular every year…. That’s why I’m writing this blog.

Every year (well, almost every year) my sister creates a Halloween event at her home that is unrivaled. Comments I’ve heard throughout the years include “truly amazing,” “nothing like it,” “scariest ever,” “true talent,” “spectacular,” and the list goes on and on.

One year a group came by who had just been to the Universal Studios Halloween display and they all said “Universal Studios has nothing on this!” That’s when I knew this was special…. more than special. Catherine has a true talent when it comes to Halloween. Her creativity, drive, determination, and passion shine during her preparations.

And, yes, it takes just about the whole year to accomplish what she does. I am here to document this process. It’s amazing to witness, and I hope you will enjoy it as it unfolds. We never know where she will lead us each year…. I guess we’ll all find out together for Halloween 2013!

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